Founded in 2021, Rad Dad Savage has set out to be the nation’s largest and most entertaining source of savagery and fun for dads. Its goal is to show parents that it’s ok to let loose and have fun with your kids. We do this by sharing articles, videos, podcast and more of savage dad content to take your mind off the craziness of parenting.

Are any of us perfect parents?  No.

Does Rad Dad Savage know everything about parenting?  Hell no.

Should we pick up a book and read about the best parenting practices?  Probably, but we wont.

However, no matter what difficulties lie ahead with being a dad, we’re always there for our kids. When we’re tired, having a bad day, hung over, or just annoyed we’re still there. And thats pretty savage. Changing diapers – SAVAGE. Sitting through dance recitals – SAVAGE. Stepping on lego in the middle of the night – EXTRA SAVAGE. No matter how many kids you have or how you deal with the joys and struggles of being a dad, if you’re there for all of it then that makes you a savage. A RAD DAD SAVAGE!


Founder & CEO

The Original Rad Dad Savage is a dad, entrepreneur, marketing guru, and the founder & CEO of Star22 Network, a group of digital media brands with a portfolio including a lifestyle & sports blog, podcast, original series, dubbed videos, puns, reviews and more to entertain and empower the modern parent

The OG Rad Dad Savage is making it his mission to change how niche dad media companies are structured. Him and his team do not want to tell anyone how to parent or shove parenting tactics in their audiences face. Instead, they focus on creating pure savagery entertainment to dads and parents everywhere. Letting each dad know they are savage in their own way by simply being there and showing up day in and day out.

Before founding the Star22 Network, the OG spent 8 years as an entrepreneur in San Diego, CA before moving to the Tampa Bay area. He held various roles including CEO, CMO, and business development strategist. He started his most important role in 2016 when he became a father with the birth of his son and in 2019 he doubled his workload with the birth of his daughter. Both kids are his pride and joy and the reason the Star22 Network exist.